The pain of a rewarding rickshaw

The pain of a rewarding rickshaw

The pain of a rewarding rickshaw

Brother, go to the press club? When I looked around, there was a rickshaw in front of me, they also knew who was waiting for the rickshaw and who recognized the car, yes man, the amazing guy and also knew. Where to go? Let’s say I was sitting in the rickshaw. In this short journey he described all his pain.

When the press arrived at the club, I told him that just a ten minute wait had to go back. Yes why not. Saying this, he set his rickshaw on the side.

This story is not just about Aamir-ud-din Rickshaw, but the story of the country’s ‘democracy’. Rickshaw, bus, drinking tea at a hotel in Pathan or standing for a while at a Pannan estimates the pain of the common man. Perfection is political consciousness. In them, the real analysis is that of situations.

When the journey started, he inquired well, how did he come here, I said that his wife had an operation. Some days will keep coming, Allah will do better. Having said that, he began to tell his story. Sir, this is a good hospital but my wife has cancer which is not cured here.

The doctors who took me to the hospital where they were taken to the hospital demanded seven lakhs. First treated by medicines but nothing made, now I have run out of money.

Imagine if there were no SIUT or people like Dr. Adeb, the stories of thousands of patients here would not be less than the pain of rewards. I said, you try to come and meet me someday, I was just saying that all of a sudden, I shouted, “Oh, seeing the brother and turning the rickshaw on the right without seeing it.” You took turns without looking. Now, I know them and I know them. Well where is your car? It almost surprised me by asking this question.

Oh, brother, you’re not a ‘simple’ person. You see, no no, sir is often in front of the press club, I see you coming, not to be offended, oh no, yes, I leave the car in the club, there is no parking around the hospital, yes. That is, although there are hospitals ahead, the roads here should be good so that the patient can be brought in immediately. I’m glad to hear about that. Just think, if a rickshaw driver can think of it, why can’t the rulers do it?

Now I took some food from the club and told him to just bring me back. It was just Rickshaw Start that I told you how you are treating your wife now.

There are cancer hospitals where treatment is free. Yes, he was there too, but he said that the disease was very spread and that the age is more than fifty years. Write down some medicines. When I went to take a 1300 shot, I felt as if someone had shot.

Sir, we have heard that the government has now started issuing a card which can provide up to seven lakhs of money. Yes I will tell you, because now I can not cure it, yes when some days pass well I buy a pill twice, the rest is in luck.

Some 35 years have been running a rickshaw, of which 10 years have been spent in the treatment of the wife. Sir, why do not the poor get such an illness which is less expensive, I feel that its voice has been filled. I laid my hand on his shoulder and said, “Take courage.”

While passing the rickshaw in front of the Sindh Assembly, he said, “Look at these people, we make decisions for our destiny, but their cars cannot come into our streets. Tell us where you are going, the politics. I said that when asking for votes, I must ask this question.

This time the vote gave the change that it might change something but our burden has increased. Now the rickshaw was passing in front of the Urdu Bazaar that suddenly the traffic policeman indicated to stop and said in the rickshaw side, “Well, I asked, nothing starts at Rs 100.

Something like this happened, see here thousands of books are on the road, sometimes it is difficult to spend rickshaw. Now we have reached SIUT, I gave him a hundred rupees and said, No, sir. When I got back, the writer and his team kept working only thinking that our rulers had to do only five things, but they failed.

The next day, the wife had to be brought home, had to bring her car, we were just out of the hospital, shocked by the broken road, she had to come back after seeing her in severe distress.

The doctor injected and sewed it, took one more day. The reward rickshaw puller recalled that, if the surrounding roads were fine, it would not be difficult to bring and take patients.