An awkward story ….. unnamed

An awkward story ….. unnamed

There is no doubt that the country has turned into a problem. One step forward, four steps backward, one brick, 6 bricks fall, fire burns at one place, two places get more flames, one flakes of flames, then it converts into two. Goes That is, the whole society appears to be the mirror of this poem. Be patient, I will not fall on my hands. Do not support me. I feel that … “IF THINGS STAY THE SAME, THEN THERE IS NO PROGRESS . ”

But in our collective case, progress is not going to be the name of the reverse, the reverse. The rest of the problem is in its place …. It is frightening to see society suffer from such intolerance, madness, madness, horror, vandalism. If this is not checked and the snowballing begins, then no ground power will be able to tie it in front of it and everything will shatter like cards.

Eyes not your face Never starve yourself Organs Do not eat organs Somewhere the organs either support each other or start biting each other and start eating.

When a person takes poison and puts it in his mouth, then his brain has gone from hand to mill with his whole being.

A small portion of the population is spread by indigestion and the other by hunger. Those who do not believe and understand that I am exaggerating should see some of the news of the past few days but their headlines.

“Granny threw the novice in the burning oven.” “The younger brother shot the older one.” “The son assaulted the father.” Twelve-year-old boy killed 12-year-old friend. “The mother of three children, along with her acquaintance, beat her husband to death”.

“After being kidnapped in a minor dispute tortured and permanently disabled.” “So, then, I, I, to friends. One smuggled the other “.” The driver set fire to his rickshaw when it was cleared. “Sigma’s uncle was found guilty of murder after the abduction.” Cut off. ”“ Anchor Commons continues to torture employee ”.

“Teacher kills student by hitting his knees”. “Heritage beats doctor, death of doctor, misconduct with Lady Doctor” Unconscious ”.

“Lawyers run judges, files files, abuses”. “Students surrounded teachers, tear-jerked” “doctors abandoned patients and went on strike.”

“In the DHA, my son, alcoholic rides a car on father’s daughter.” After 5 minutes late the teacher tortured the student “.” The mother drunk drugs and dumped her baby in the canal. ”

These are just a few highlights. It is possible that some say that this happened all the time, but nowadays the media is bouncing off of it excessively. Does it not mean that we are already psychologically ill, unattractive and semi-crazy Were? No it’s wrong

I am the gym bridge of Lyallpur, the third or fourth largest and industrial city of Pakistan, where small incidents, incidents or accidents spread at greater speed than forest fires that the city’s ruins, appearance and statues were all of this kind. ۔ I can say with responsibility that this semi-insanity and intolerance was not even present in the mirror, which is not only common today but also common.

Everything is swirling fast, rotting, melting, shaking with the idea of ​​the next step, so don’t the elders of this country have to sit back, staring at Brian and think it’s What’s going on? Why is it happening And if this “non-human” society continues this non-stop series of evil, how scary and scary will the scene be in the near future? Anyone consider why the number of SUBMEN and MANIMALS is increasing so fast in the society from the cold sweet to the consuming yesterday? And isn’t it just that this culture of “abusive soil” gets wrapped up in “tomorrow’s” servants’ apocalypse? ”

Psychology is not my subject; I can only shoot with arrows that the population is growing, resources are shrinking, and the distribution of resources available is going to endlessly.

Fools like Shaukat Aziz introduced the extravagance, appearance, publishing, rat race (RAT RACE) by introducing premature leasing culture. Cars and cell phones are not only economical but also social. Over the past few decades, it has been customary to buy a new car on Eidan and install it on the “Applied For” board, and the poor relatives are known as “Eid Mubarak” and enjoy this kimchi movement.

These are the people who are advised not to throw out the peel of the fruit so that your neighbor’s children may feel deprived. I know what the symbolic status of this order means in modern times.

In short, as the population is flourishing, resources are shrinking, as well as their looting, money laundering continues in earnest, technology has wounds on its part, media exposure has suffered its kind, and the result is out. Social reform is not the practice of political clowns.

Few people would know that there was a time when alcohol was banned in the United States, but within a few years, their elders realized that its benefits were very low and the losses were immense, so the decision was made RE VISIT. The season of sales, slogans, dinger accounts is not ending even in “porn sites”.